Welcome to the future of the internet, where we turn 2D Flat Spaces into immersive 3D Spaces.

3D Virtual World in a Browser: Log in as a guest or user to explore the many different regions. No download required.

Using this login location, you are represented by an avatar with a nametag. Communicate and socialize with others using the voice, personal chat and public conversation tools. Perfect for meetings, classes, workgroups or an afternoon of fun with a friend across the world.

3D WEBSITES ONLY: If you prefer a solo immersion experience without anyone else invading your space, you can enjoy our regions by visiting 3DPortals.com. No login is required.

ADD 3D to YOUR SITE: As a service, you can even embed a single region on your website. Have an e-commerce store, special topic or environment you wish to share with your visitors? We'll help you transform your entire website...or just a portion of it, into a complete immersion experience.

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