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Dark Manor Quest

Writer Quest -Sharpen your Story-Making Skills

Hover over the numbered boxes to reveal its contents. Each note tells part of a story. As you collect the parts, you will begin to write possible plots in your head. Maybe you will like your ideas better. The Dark Manor Quest leads to another region where the story continues and a new quest begins.

The notecards are annotated to indicate conventional story elements and elements from The Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell)

Follow the numbered story sequence (1-9). You will also find notes from Katie. Review the clues provided to discover their location. Katie’s notes are not included in the numbered sequence.

BEGIN Navigation: Click anywhere.
EXIT Navigation: Escape Key or Middle Mouse Button
HOW TO MOVE (Forward/Back/Side/Side) : Arrow Keys / WASD Keys / Click Navigation Hud
HOW TO FLY: Look Up/Down while moving.
HOW TO TURN: Move Mouse
TOUCHSCREENS: Touch and Hold, Swipe to Turn, Navigation Hud
*Fades in 35 seconds. Reload world to see again.