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Tutorial: Once Upon a Goal

Welcome to Once Upon a Goal's 3D realm!  You're about to undertake our free tutorial adventure. 

As you, the Dreamer, follow the exploits of Alula, you'll be taken on a brief tour of our choice-based system, given encouragement to tackle some real life goals (or To Dos, whatever you're working on at the moment), and able to explore a small piece of our worlds. What you accomplish in the real world determines what your avatar within this 3D space will be able to explore and in what ways they will be able to advance on various stories and adventures.

The membership version of our adventures allows much deeper access into the worlds you'll walk through here.  You can unlock it by subscribing to our Patreon, which helps us pay for further development, cooler textures, and more worlds!!

Feel free to poke around, and when you're ready to begin, hover your cursor over box 1.

BEGIN Navigation: Click anywhere.
EXIT Navigation: Escape Key or Middle Mouse Button
HOW TO MOVE (Forward/Back/Side/Side) : Arrow Keys / WASD Keys / Click Navigation Hud
HOW TO FLY: Look Up/Down while moving.
HOW TO TURN: Move Mouse
TOUCHSCREENS: Touch and Hold, Swipe to Turn, Navigation Hud
*Fades in 35 seconds. Reload world to see again.