Your quest is about to begin...


Description:Sharpen your story-writing skills.

This quest includes special notes and colored jewels, each telling a part of a story. As you collect the parts you will begin to write possible plots in your head. Maybe you will like your ideas better than those presented...write them down and begin your own creative work!

Collect the items you find by clicking the button provided when you stand close enough (pointing finger). Your collected treasures can be revisited by using buttons on screen left. In addition to the numbered notes (1-9) you will find blue diamonds (Ideator Exercises) and pink diamonds (Notes from Katie).

Begin exploring now, but if items are still loading in the background you may experience hiccups during movement. When your character is illuminated with light, all loading has been completed. Loading time is dependent on your connection speed and graphics card abilities. Have fun.

The messages are annotated to indicate conventional story elements and concepts found in The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell.


Navigation Hud: Click or Touch. You can drag it to your favorite screen location.
Screen Joystick: Click or Touch.
Keyboard: Arrows or WASD Keys.

HOW TO SEE: Click the "Cam" button to change your view option.

Still loading in the background...