NAVIGATION: Click the button that matches your device to teleport.

DESKTOP : Click anywhere to begin. Mouse to change direction. Arrow Keys/Page Up and Down to move. ESC key to regain your cursor.

TOUCHSCREEN: Touch anywhere to begin. Hold to move forward. Drag to turn.

A2Z 3DWW Orientation and Teleport Train Station

A2Z Train Station. Learn the basics about 3DWebworldz and teleport or take the train to your next destination.


Visit our lobby to see our featured artists and galleries, as well as learn about our artist services.

Art Gallery - Ann Brown

Explore the artwork and creations of Ann Marie Brown (1888-1972).

Art Gallery - Evie-Art

Explore the art and writings of Yvonne DeBandi (aka Evie Marie)

Art Gallery - Forrest Fortier

Explore the artwork and creations of Forrest Fortier. Browse the legacy collection and visit her store to bring one home to your living room.

Art Gallery - Rik Brown

Explore a small fraction of Artist Rik Brown's Collection

Art Gallery - St. James Artisans

View a selection of work from the artists and craftspeople of the cooperative St. James Artisans Gallery located in southeastern North Carolina

Art History Exhibit - Charles Demuth

Visit this gallery that celebrates one of the leaders in the Precisionism Art Style and Movement, Charles Demuth (1883-1915). Please note this gallery is heavy on javascript and may cause issues with mobile devices.

Business Conference Center

Meeting Area for Business, Organizations and Groups

Business Small Group Meeting Room

Informal meeting or contact the HelpDesk to customize for your meeting.

Education A2Z MySchool3D Lobby

Visit the school lobby and gain access to the Writer Workshop, Library, Public Classroom and the SingSmart Not Hard Music Academy. Additional classrooms coming soon.

Education Community Classroom

Classroom with Exhibit Hall. Please contact A2Z HelpDesk to reserve your meeting time. Teachers, get your own virtual classroom to customize. Includes all the bells and whistles.

Education Community Virtual Library

Community Virtual Library is the hub that connects digital citizens in virtual worlds with the information and resources they seek. Come on in, but please note we are still under construction.

Education Inspiration Island Outpost

Learn about 3DWebWorldz Partners and Classic Virtual World, Inspiration Island. If you are not sure if you want to try a classic virtual world, this is a great resource for you!

Education Library & Writer Workshop

Visit the reading room or try your hand at the writing exercises to increase your writing skills.

Education Stonehenge

Educational Field Trip - Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe (still under construction)

Music Academy A2Z SingSMART Music Academy

Academy Main Entrance, Private Voice Lessons Studio

Music Academy A2Z SingSmart Orientation and Master Class Entrance

Overview of the SingSmart Method and Ten Steps to Singing Success. Master Class entrance also on this level.

Sandbox A2Z Building Sandbox

Sandbox for Building Practice

Sandbox MisterBlue's OAR test: Epic Castle


Sandbox MisterBlue's OAR test: IST campus


Social Selby's Sandbox


Special Events The Warehouse

Join friends around the world for live music shows. Also available for worldwide party events.

Template Sample Template - Art Gallery

Creating your own 3dArt Gallery is Easy. Use one of our templates, like this one. Easily add your own art images as well as customize all textures, including the floors and walls.

Template Sample Template - Classroom

Create your own virtual classroom. The A2Z Templates make it easy to customize. Need something different? Contact us, we'll build just what you need.

Template Sample Template - Virtual Office

Create your own virtual office. Using one of our templates makes it easy and fast. Easy to customize to suit your own needs.

Under Construction BlueHouse of Jazz

Live Music Events

Under Construction Fantasy Region

Under Construction Writer's Swamp