Region Credits

Region Name: Z2A Sandbox 22
Region Description: Old Station - bulldozer required.
Region Owner: Evie_Marie

Thank you to the creators who built the following 3D objects located on this region. :

Art Easel - Evie_Marie

Bus-Orange VW - Jacob Thomas (

Door Jam - Black Marble - Evie_Marie

Grass w White Flowers - Game Props (

Palm Tree - pizzaguyty (

Picture Frame Black - Evie_Marie

Sand Dune - Evie_Marie

Terrain-train-station - Evie_Marie

Train A2Z Teleport - Evie_Marie

train-station-a2z - Evie_Marie

Tree Orange Leaves - Game Props (

Tree Yellow Leaves - Game Props (

Tree-Green Leaves - Game Props (

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