A2Z MySchool3D Lobby

Visit the school lobby and gain access to the Writer Workshop, Library, Public Classroom and the SingSmart Not Hard Music Academy. Additional classrooms coming soon.

A2Z SingSMART Music Academy

Academy Main Entrance and access to SingSMART classrooms. Private Voice Lessons Studio.

Classroom or Meeting Space - Template ID 92

Meeting space for classes, business meetings, small groups. This design can be duplicated on your region. Each piece of the design can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Classroom Template ID #45

Community classroom and meeting area. This region also demonstrates our QUIZ TOOL. Visit it and take our fun quiz. Get started by pressing the QuizQuest button at bottom right of screen.

Community Virtual Library

Community Virtual Library is the hub that connects digital citizens in virtual worlds with the information and resources they seek. Come on in, but please note we are still under construction.

Dona Cady Classroom

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

Epic Castle (OAR Conversion by MisterBlue)

Historical Field Trip Idea. Mesh #536 in 3DWW Commons Library. Make your own Medieval Region.

Inspiration Island Outpost

Learn about 3DWebWorldz Partners and Classic Virtual World, Inspiration Island. If you are not sure if you want to try a classic virtual world, this is a great resource for you!

IST Campus (OAR conversion by MisterBlue)

Virtual Campus Oar Conversion Test Example.


ISTE (http://iste.org) Virtual Environments Network

OFFICE: Louisa Saladino-Kuhl



Educational Field Trip - Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe. Under-performing graphic cards will need to be patient on this region.

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