3DWebWorldz A2Z Train Station

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3DWebWorldz Orientation I

Detailed Tutorial on the basics. Learn movement, camera control, and communication tools.

3DWebWorldz Orientation II

Tutorial - Customize Avatars

3DWW Orientation

Learn how to use 3DWW including movement and other tools.

3DWW Tutorial - Building 01

Introduction to Building on 3DWW, learn how to access and use the 3DWW Building Tools, Action Assignment.

3DWW Tutorial - Building 02

Introduction to the Building Inspector and visual editing tools. (Pre-requisite: Lesson 01)

A 3DWW Experiment

An example of what can be done with GLTFs and built in animations. Warning: bring your dramamine.

QUEST Sample

This simple region demonstrates use of the QUEST Tools. Quest tools are available to every region owner. For an example of our Quiz Tools, please look under Education.

Sample Custom Classroom - Students cannot Teleport Out

Sample of a locked down Custom Classroom. There is no "teleport out" option. Use teleport icon box in the middle of the room to navigate out to orientation.

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